How Communities Come to Be


Since World War II, there has been a huge demand for housing, and not just any housing – people want to live in communities, near all of the amenities of modern life they have come to expect. This includes good schools, shopping centers like groceries and retail, a post office, and other such conveniences that are part of your typical American life. With the popularity of the automobile, communities have been developed in the previously un-developed countryside surrounding cities, so the homes in those communities have plenty of room for yards to be spacious, while still being close to the amenities of urban life.

The process of building a development is long and arduous, but the end result is a collection of homes that can form a true community, one where families know each other, kids play together in lawns and on the safe, peaceful streets. This is the dream of many families, which is why, despite the speculative nature of home community development, they continue to be built. Developers fulfill the desire of the American Dream, home ownership.


Before Beginning

Before a development can begin construction, a number of things have to happen. First of all, the developer has to do their homework. An assessment of what will be needed to undertake the proposed project is necessary in order for the developer to organize the resources necessary to build. Using these resources, the developer can commission a market study to identify the market for the proposed development, and determine the demand.

The necessary building permits must be obtained, and throughout the building process zoning and construction laws must be observed. There are many laws and policies to keep in mind, from union rules to local, state, and federal regulations.

With these laws and regulations in mind, the next task in the construction of a development is to identify the land on which it will be built. This can happen in a number of ways; the owner could have some ideas of their own, offering their land up to a developer to build on. Alternatively – and this is more common – the developer has identified the ideal parcel of land based on what an existing, nearby community offers and the demand for quality housing is in the area, and makes an offer to the landowner, potentially pitching their plans for the land as well.

A number of factors must be carefully studied before building can begin. The size and shape of the site, the presence of utilities, the way the site’s topography might impact development, the site’s natural drainage, and the characteristics of the soil, climate, and natural flora and fauna, as all of these will not just impact construction but these factors will also effect the future residents of the community. Those residents will not be able to flourish without safe, healthy land on which to live.

Getting Started 

Once the land has been properly evaluated, the finances for the project must be marshaled and the cost of the project itself assessed; this will help to determine the final selling price of the housing in the community, which is important to determine early, as this will impact the marketing campaign for the development. Families will be advertised to, encouraging them to buy a home in the development long before it is finished.

How we Live vs. How we Build
This helps to mitigate the speculative nature of single-family housing, especially in an economy where fewer people are buying homes than they have for years. The more buyers a developer can line up throughout construction, or even before construction, the easier it is for the developer to profitably finish construction of the community.From there, construction begins, with architects and draftsmen creating a look for the community so that it isn’t just a collection of homes, but a true community with a look, a feel, even a theme. With homes built, yards are landscaped, and the developer begins looking to the future, trying to find the next great housing project to develop. Who knows, it might even be your home that is developed next! You may find a neighborhood designed and built by Your Towne Builders fits exactly what you want. Only time, and your desire to have a home of your own in a carefully built community, will tell.


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